Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday!

If you're anything like me, Pinterest has become not only a personal professional development go to for your classroom, but an escape to mindlessly check-out of our busy lives for a few minutes to peruse through beautiful quotes, crafts, fashion, and "Take me there...NOW" vacation spots!

I openly confess that Pinterest has allowed me to become more creative not only in my classroom, but in my personal life with fun fashion styles, food recipes, and at home DIY activities that I'll eventually get to.  Where were we before Pinterest entered our lives?

I'm linking up with another inspiring blogger guru, Cara at The First Grade Parade for her new linky party Favorite Pins Friday!

Here are a few of my favorite pins from this past week : )  
I just saw this pin on Pinterest a few hours ago and pinned it immediately!  How creative and smart is that?  Such a simple step to keep from a big ol' mess.  When I followed the pin back to its original source, it led me to my colleague and dear friend Ms. Jessica at  A Turn to Learn!  I literally started laughing out loud! Of course a gem of an idea like this would come from her!    

This next great idea came from first grade teacher Miss Willis at  The Go to Teacher and I just love it.  I use a number system in my classroom as well for management and sanity of mind.  I never thought about applying my number system to the dry erase markers we use. GENIUS.  I can't tell you how many times during a lesson I've had students use our quiet signals to replace markers or complain out loud about their marker drying out.  Those little interruptions can become one great big nuisance, so I'm looking forward to implementing this next year.  

I get by with a little help from my friends, or in most cases A LOT of help.  I'm so blessed to have a really strong group of friends that inspire me and lift me up.  I saw this quote and I emailed it to all of them immediately.  I hope that one day we all look that good in our bathing suits and are still getting down like these two beauties are :)  


I love reading e-cards on Pinterest, but one of my colleagues at work shared this one with me and I couldn't have related more to it.  Of my family and friends, I am the only teacher, which makes it hard for some of  them to understand that I don't color and finger paint every day with my third graders.  Again, some of them really have no clue.  So I think I'll hold on to this hardy-har-har card for the next time I get grief for my summer vacation (which all of us teachers know is spent preparing and creating work for next year anyway ;) 

So those are a few of my favorite pins from this week!  Make sure you link up with Cara to join in on the fun! 

Love and Light, 


  1. Hi Katie!
    Your blog is adorable! Thanks so much for stopping by mine so I could find you! I'm following now and wish you the best in your new blogging adventure!


    1. Thank you so much Linda :) I really appreciate it! I'm really looking forward to getting this blog up and running while learning from so many teachers like you!

  2. Cute blog! i'm a new follower!

    1. Thanks so much Sandy! Just linked up with you too! I love the art projects you created with your kiddos!

  3. Love the bright colors on your blog! I can totally relate with your statement about the e-card above. My friends and family often give me a lot of grief too for not having to work in the summer. I am going to post that card on my Facebook page just for them.

    Your newest follower,


    1. Thanks Monica! Megan at A Bird in Hand Designs did an amazing job making my vision come to life! I 100% recommend her if you're looking for a new blog design! I'm so excited to see that you focus on technology! My school is so lucky to have i-Pads, laptops, i-Tables, and more! I'm always looking for new apps and ways to incorporate technology into my lessons!

  4. Your blog is adorable! Megan is totally awesome! She's the best!

    I love the rubberband trick with the sanitizer. Who knew? And, I used to put name labels on the dry erase markers but numbers would be faster!!

    Your best friends pin is adorable! So true!! (And don't even get me started on people making comments about teachers and summer...ugh...)

    So glad you found us! Can't wait to get to know you!
    Collaboration Cuties

  5. Hi! I found your blog through the Favorite Pins Friday Linky and I am your newest follower! Your blog is so cute and I love your pins, especially the bff's true!

    Beth :)
    A Kindergarten Life For Me

  6. I totally put a rubber band on my hand sanitizer last year and it works like a charm! I am so using the labeled dry erase markers for next year! I'll know who pushes the tips down! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten